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    SpotMagic's SpotKiosk Software


SpotMagic's SpotKiosk Tuner provides SpotMedia content playback services within a secure, locked-down, and manageble shell under Micorsoft's Windows 2000/XP. By using the power and flexibility of SpotMagic's content distribution and presentation/application reproduction system within a modular kiosk/POS/POI management framework we create a platform for media rich application broadcasting to public terminals and screens.

  • Addressable, Rich-Media and Applications Broadcast Reciever

  • Complete Public Access Interface Control and Lock-down

  • Modular Design for flexible Managment Package Integration


    SpotMagic's SpotKiosk Tuner includes all of the playback features of SpotMagic's SpotTuner client augmented by additional software to provide terminal management and lock-down functionality.

    SpotTuner Features:

    • Total Presentation/User Interface "look-and-feel" control
    • Playback and User Interaction with ALL SpotMedia content presentation/application elements including: Graphics, Video, Controls, HTML, and Macromedia's Flash*
    • All standard SpotMedia Content acquisition mechanisms, including: local or removable media, ip transport, and timed broadcast reception
    • more...
    SpotKiosk Features:
    • Windows Shell replacement
    • Configurable Password Local Access Control
    • Windows Authorization Dialog modification
    • Windows Explorer Load/Unload control
    • Keyboard Filter (including Ctrl+Alt+Del)
    • Right-Click Filter (including within HTML and Flash*)
    • Application/Pop-up Window Include/Exclude Filter
    • External Application Support/Control
    • Scheduled Reboot
    Content Element Modules:
    • Inactivity Timer
    • Browser URL Include/Exclude Filter
    • Credit Card Reader/Transaction Module
    • PDA Download Module


    SpotMagic's SpotKiosk Tuner software system is designed as a collection of components to be "snapped together" as needed and with distributor's and partner's existing mechanisms. This diagram illustrates the components of the SpotKiosk software system, and its relationship to Windows and Content that is "played" by the system.

    SpotKiosk may be used with or without a Remote Management Gateway; the SpotKiosk Tuner provides the public access lock-down features, while the content and user interface may be updated from a central server using standard SpotMedia distribution mechanisms. A Remote Management Gateway layer enables the addition of tracking and monitoring software. We offer Remote Management Gateway packages from our Solutions Implementation Partners,
    Webraiser Technologies and friendlyway AG.


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