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An intelligent content creation toolset

Media production studios, advertising agencies, television and radio networks, traditional print and Web publishers all have an pressing and ongoing need to quickly create, approve, distribute, track and reproduce media of all types. To accomplish these tasks, parties in every step of the process are struggling to deal with increasingly expensive and complex maze of incompatible technologies. What the industry urgently needs is a simple, efficient, and easily accessible way to make all media types; all distribution networks and all media devices work together efficiently right now and into the future.

SpotMagic’s IDVMedia™ (Intelligent-Dynamic-Virtual-Media) technology is designed to displace the current mélange of file and streaming media types, and the now 50 year old, “document model” hypertext Internet content structure, with a revolutionary new form of intelligent Web 3.0 HYPERMEDIA. SpotMagic’s hypermedia composer tools merge multiple applications of the IDVMedia technology into one simple to use package that is ideally suited for large-scale creation and deployment of both online and offline interactive hypermedia.

SpotMagic IDVMedia software tools and methodologies are designed to ease the bridging of legacy systems and object types to the Web 3.0 environment. IDVMedia overcomes the limitations of conventional first and second generation Internet solutions by providing one universal framework for media content of any type to be acquired, indexed, archived, organized, composed, distributed, and reproduced within a very secure and highly automated, self managing environment.

SpotMagic’s IDVMedia objects when connected through ip networks, synergistically cooperate to form an intelligent, self-managing “Hypermedia Environment”, that in use has been demonstrated to yield as much as an 80% reduction in the complexity and cost of creating, managing and reproducing multiple media content.

SpotMagic’s content creation toolset, the IDVMedia Suite, merges multiple applications of SpotMagic’s IDVMedia technology into one simple to implement, feature rich package that is ideally suited for large-scale creation and deployment of both on and offline interactive media. SpotMagic IDVMedia software applications and methodologies overcome the limitations of conventional solutions by providing one universal framework for media content of any type to be acquired, indexed, archived, organized, composed, distributed, and reproduced within a secure and automated groupware environment. IDVMedia applications are designed to bridge legacy systems and object types to create one seamless cost efficient platform for all media creators and consumers.

Produce once, distribute anywhere – IDVMedia content is adaptable to any form of distribution, Internet, private network, broadcast, satellite or physical media. Create one production that contains multiple versions of content; languages, dynamic linkages, media formats, or content where access needs to be controlled by user characteristic, time or physical location. With dynamic intelligent IDVMedia, you never “re-author” content – just update individual objects. The IDVMedia Composer and content management system significantly reduces the expenditure of time, effort and money. Now media producers and distributors across the nation or around the globe, can instantly create, view, annotate and distribute content with the click of a mouse.


Content Creation – IDVMedia Composer solutions for automation-assisted live and off-line media creation, works within a shared secure workspace for collaborative creation of content. SpotMagic’s unique object centric IDVMedia authoring makes localization tasks and creating multiple versions for redaction or restricted access a simple and expedient process.

  • Interactive multiple purposed hypermedia.
  • Audio (Radio like) and Visual (TV like) interactive media.
  • Dynamically linked hypermedia, data, code and applications.


Content Management – Media Management, including custom featured client and server software.

  • Organize and control the secure sharing of all media assets among a variety of applications and users.


Distribution – SpotMedia TimeServices™, distribution management, and content servers.

  • Live broadcast, time shifted and on-demand distribution.
  • Synchronize applications and content with other dynamic media – broadcast TV or radio, CD or DVD, live telephonic conversations or IVR applications, text messaging and/ tdigital signage.


Reproduction – The IDVMedia Compositing Engine (SpotTuner™) is the worlds’ first intelligent media playing client software and is designed for operation on PC’s, screen phones, set top boxes and other audio, video and mobile devices. IDVMedia technology means every media consumer gets the same high quality, zero latency, no-“click-&-wait”, user experience with a rich HD, better-than-broadband look and sound.

  • Manages dynamically linked content – context sensitive, demographic, application and OS state-aware.
  • Automatically control content access down to the object level by individual device, target group, geographic location or time.
  • Scaleable – The intelligent IDVMedia client means that every user experiences the same high quality instantaneous connected synchronous experience without regard to the number of users connected, quality of bandwidth or the number of channels simultaneously accessed.
  • Obsolescence proof – future forms of media, distribution, and end devices are easily accommodated.


SpotMagic’s IDVMedia technology is in generation 4.7 and has been in use for mission critical, broadcast, retail and enterprise applications for nine years. IDVMedia applications are available now for all Windows platforms. Multi-platform Java engines will be available in the version 5.0 release.


The IDVMedia Suite V4.7 – Tools to build the 21st Century Internet. The IDVMedia Suite provides all the tools and building blocks needed to rapidly prototype, complete, and manage interactive, digital audio and video Web 3.0 hypermedia, and to build, test and modify custom Web Service applications. The IDVMedia Suite also provides the two things are that are critically important to solution developers:

  • Trouble-free integration with existing systems and technologies.
  • The ability to quickly adapt to change and easily scale.


IDVMedia technology is uniquely adapted to enable connections to many network transports, media types, code objects and hardware in use today, and being developed for the future. IDVMedia simplifies making those connections through its unifying intelligent object architecture. This unification enables the rapid assembly of combinations of content, legacy technologies and hardware with IDVMedia acting as the “glue”.

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