IDVMedia Compositing Engine


The IDVMedia Player (SpotTuner for consumers) is the client/media compositing engine within the IDVMedia technology suite. The IDVMedia Player is an Intelligent Omnimedia player designed to support the acquisition and rendering of any media or application type supported by the underlying operating system.IDVMedia Player Features:

  • Total Presentation/User Interface “look-and-feel” control
  • Playback and user interaction with ALL IDVMedia content presentation/application elements including: graphics, sound, video, controls, HTML, and Flash
  • Content acquisition, including: local or removable media, ip transport, and mediasync broadcast reception
  • Can be used as a generic media player for any media type, just drag a media file onto the IDVMedia Player interface
  • Intelligent, prioritizing media acquisition and rendering engine
  • Simultaneous multiple transport and Network client
  • Definable demographic settings
  • Show book-marking
  • “Check for Upgrade” mechanism
  • “Always on Top” setting
  • Content Context (“right-click”) menus
  • OLE automation support from script or COM
  • User definable Inactivity “Return to Show” setting
  • Session history
  • Direct access to SpotMagic’s SpotGuide

IDVMedia V4.7 Engine (SpotTuner) is no longer available for general download. We are in the process of a major upgrade to the Version 5.0 architecture of the IDVMedia technology and have removed the V4.7 Engine from general availability. The V4.7 Engine and our technology application demonstrations are available on request.

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