IDVMedia Content Creation and Managment


SpotMagic’s content creation toolset, the IDVMedia Suite, merges multiple applications of SpotMagic’s IDVMedia technology into one simple to implement, feature rich package that is ideally suited for large-scale creation and deployment of both on and offline applications. Applications built with IDVMedia technology are able to bridge legacy systems and object types to create one seamless cost efficient platform.

IDVMedia applications are adaptable to any form of distribution, Internet, private network, broadcast, satellite or physical media. Create one application that contains multiple versions of content; languages, dynamic linkages, media formats, and control access by user characteristics, time or physical location. With dynamic intelligent IDVMedia, you never “re-code” applications – just update individual components. The IDVMedia Composer and application management system significantly reduces the expenditure of time, effort and cost of turning raw ideas into finished applications.

SpotMagic’s IDVMedia Suite is a rapid development platform empowering digital solution developers to quickly and easily assemble entirely-secure, Internet-enabled, hypermedia applications for interactive applications, web video, POS-POI, Kiosks, broadcast content distribution, and Web Services. With the release of V5 the IDVMedia Suite will include a new component, the Gutenberg Transform(GTWords), designed to bring advanced IDVMedia features to text objects. V5 IDVMedia Composer will fully-automate the linking of text with graphics, video, and sound.

Applications built with IDVMedia technology have powerful built-in features for indexing, copyright control, versioning and redaction, syndication, provenance, metrics, privacy, and security. Importantly, all the unique features of IDVMedia do not require any add-on local or server “helper” applications to make them function – just the compact and powerful IDVMedia Compositing Engine.

The IDVMedia Compositing Engine is the worlds’ first intelligent media reproduction client software and is designed for operation on PC’s, screen phones, set top boxes, dedicated audio, video and mobile devices. IDVMedia technology means every user gets the same high quality, zero latency, no-“click-&-wait”, better-than-broadband, experience. Install the Compositing Engine just once and the device becomes IDVMedia Enabled for any application.

The IDVMedia Suite are tools designed to be a central component for building the 21st Century Internet. The IDVMedia Suite provides all the tools and building blocks needed to rapidly prototype, complete, and manage interactive, digital audio and video hypermedia, and to build, test and modify custom Web Service applications. The IDVMedia Suite also provides the two things are that are critically important to solution developers:

  • Trouble-free integration with existing systems and technologies.
  • The ability to quickly adapt to change and easily scale.


IDVMedia technology is uniquely adapted to enable connections to many network transports, media types, code objects, and hardware in use today, and being developed for the future. IDVMedia simplifies making those connections through its unifying intelligent object architecture. This unification enables the rapid assembly of combinations of content, legacy technologies and hardware with IDVMedia acting as the “glue”.

You can read an introduction to the IDVMedia Composing and Managment Suite here: IDVMediaSuite.pdf

The IDVMedia Suite and our application demonstrations are available on request.

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