IDVMedia Applications


Application Portfolio – The following list are a few of the applications that have been created with participating development partners using the IDVMedia technology. The complete Portfolio of Applications and development partners is available here: Portfolio The IDVMedia Suite and our application demonstrations are available on request.

Point of Information – Point of Sale

  • DS Waters – Return a bottle/Take a bottle, “smart shelf”, self-service 5ga water networked merchandising device.
  • Williams-Sonoma – In-store shopping enhancement and product reference touch screen POI.
  • DiscoverScreens – NYC, applications and content management for dynamic screen and kiosk network.


Media Management and distribution

  • SpotMedia Services – Distribution services for syndicated radio programming and commercials.
  • KGO TV & TV20 Media Services – Media management and trafficking services distributing promotional commercials during sweeps periods from 2001 to present.


Interactive Television

  • Game Show Network – 3 daily1/2 hr live MediaSync broadcasts for the Game Show Network.
  • Buffy : Gateway to Hell – Pilot for developed for UPN.
  • NCAA Basketball – iTV pilot produced for CBS Sports.


Web and Interactive Radio

  • Channel 103.1 – iRadio MediaSync broadcast service branded for Clear Channel Communications.
  • Star98 – iRadio interactive MediaSync demonstration using FM subcarrier transmission.


Distance Learning and Training

  • ImL – Interactive media for learning, the virtual classroom.
  • VZSE – Jeopardy-style training game and live MediaSync broadcast for Verizon sales engineers.


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